Peace Project

Spreading Peace To

Citizens Committee for the Lakewood Animal Shelter

Fetch & Co has always loved a good graphic tee, but not just any would do. We have always thought a Tee should be a staple in every women's wardrobe. After a year of searching we decided the only way to offer the perfect tee to our customers, was to create it ourselves. We threw together a perfect fit, a good pun, and a great philosophy. And from that, The Peace Project was born. From day one, our logo has been the olive branch. We just love the meaning behind it and used it as a mantra as to how we wanted our business to be viewed. We wanted to be able to extend the olive branch to promote peace and kindness among our community. Because that is where worldwide peace your own backyard. We believe in the power of peace and the amazing things that can stem from it.

We donate $2 from every T sold back to a different cause monthly.

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