Lookin' Bad(ass) in Plaid

Plaid if one of our favorite seasonal trends. And 2020 has fully embraced it. There are loads of options, super-oversized, quilted, I could go on and on. We chose a piece that truly stood out to us as far as plaid button down's go, and are going to show you not 1, not 2, but 4 different ways to style this bad boy. We even linked everything you'll need to complete the look. Girl, we got you!

Look #1- Complete and total comfort. Wear it around the house, to yoga or the gym, or out running some errands! We took our fan fav, leggings paired it with your basic black sports bra and then sealed the look with the flannel. The side slits are perfect, still showing off your great shape and allowing movement, not making you feel stiff like some others. We opted for a practical yet trendy, utilitarian lace-up bootie for an edgier look.

Look #2- We'll call this the "Basic B" haha. I mean, high waisted jeans, black bodysuit (It's actually OOS, but will be back very soon!) and platform leather shoes? It's comfy, easy and just the perfect amount of edgy. We did size up on the flannel for this look to give it a more oversized feel. There are roll tabs on the sleeves, but we opted for a more traditional cuff.

Look #3- Gahh! Just love this one! We just love, love, love a good pattern mixing. I mean, when it works, it really works. Similar tones and lines melt this one together. The dress on its own is amazing...bouncy stretchy fabric, v-neck, and POCKETS! But paired with this perfect plaid flannel...it's perfection.

 Last, but certainly not least #4. This is probably the easiest look to put together.  We took our current fav pair of stretchy, cropped denim and simply added  the flannel in all her glory. Fully buttoned, including roll tabs. Again, the side slits still give you some shape, and the dropped shoulder allows for more room in the chest area, making buttons a non issue. Add a pair of ankle booties, a leather ballcap and you are good to go.

Let us know what your fav look is! Have some other style thoughts? Send them our way! We'd love to hear from you!


Abbey & Julia